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Rhinoplasty Surgery - An Overview

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that can change the size, angle and shape of a nose and may also correct some structural problems. It can change someone's physiognomy more or less significantly.

Statistics show that most of the people who choose to go through rhinoplasty do it because they are dissatisfied with their nose. Only a small part of the patients deal with structural abnormalities, genetic problems or issues caused by previous injuries.

Candidates for such interventions must be generally healthy and having a fully developed nose. Doctors recommend such surgeries only to females older than 15 years and to males older than 17 years, in order to avoid the complications that may appear if the surgery is done before a complete development of the nose.

Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery

The patient should talk about the prices and the payment with their doctor, right from the start, during their first meeting, and ask for an initial estimate. There are some factors that will influence the final cost, including: the doctor's expertise, the surgical facilities, the location of the medical center, the type of anesthesia and the healthcare necessary after the surgery.

Contact a reputable plastic surgeon and find out more about what rhinoplasty entails.

What to expect during and after the operation

A rhinoplasty consists in an incision inside the nose, which will allow the surgeon to access the bones and cartilage and reshape them, in order to correct various problems. The surgeon will place a supportive splint, outside the nose. The procedure can be done using local or general anesthesia and it only requires a one night stay under medical observation.

The supportive splint will be removed after a week. For about two weeks, the patient will have bruises around the eyes and nose. The doctor will recommend cold compresses, antibiotics and pain killers. Other risks include infection, nasal blockage, bleeding, skin necrosis and irritations, or complications from anesthesia.

Choosing the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Columbus

Just like in every other domain, when you are seeking medical help it is important to make a difference between qualification and expertise. A surgeon must be able to perform a procedure, therefore besides his certification, he must have the necessary knowledge and experience to understand the dynamic of his work. Sometimes, finding the right rhinoplasty surgeon is challenging and risky, as it involves reshaping the nose – a very visible anatomic part – that may produce big changes in someone's physiognomy.

There are many factors to consider, when choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon.

• Look for a member of the National Society of Plastic Surgeons; this is a first guarantee that you will work with a highly trained plastic surgeon.
• Do some background checks, search for articles about the rhinoplasty surgeon that you plan to work with; you can get a picture about the work he has done so far and decide if you can feel confidence in him.
• Search for references from previous clients and also for “before and after” pictures, to compare results.

The next step is to contact a rhinoplasty surgeon and schedule an appointment. The first meeting is important and will also help you decide if you feel confident enough in the person before you. The surgeon must be able to properly communicate with you, take time to explain the possibilities and also the limitations of the intervention that he is going to perform. The surgeon must inform you about the operation's risks and benefits. During your meeting, you should feel free to ask about any relevant details, including the medical equipment that is going to be used and what to expect during and after the surgery.

The bottom line is this; a rhinoplasty surgeon must be able to prove to you without a shadow of doubt, that he knows exactly what he is talking about and that you feel that he will be giving you the safest and most effective cosmetic solution based on your needs..., all provided by the best possible rhinoplasty surgeon in Columbus Ohio.